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Short-form vertical video content has taken social media by storm. Social media platforms are pushing this style of content making it the most powerful tool to get organic impressions and expand your reach. Posting vertical short clips on TikTok, Instagram Reels and other social media platforms is your golden ticket to go viral and expand your reach literally overnight.


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Instead of spending time and creative energy creating additional content for every platform we can repurpose your full-length YouTube videos into vertical short clips and post them on the social media platforms you don't have time for.

Going viral with short-form content is much easier than with full-length videos. Once these clips go viral they'll expand your reach to new audiences. Harness those new viewers by getting them intrigued. People wanting to see more can click the link in your bio to watch your full-length videos on YouTube thus growing your audience and channel.

How we make you excel.


We go through your existing long-form videos and identify clips with viral potential



We repurpose your content into vertical short clips with optimised editing for each platform



We post these clips on all platforms of your choice that support short-form video content



We engage with your audience and guide new viewers towards your YouTube channel



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Starting out on a new social media platform can be daunting. But rest assured - you're in good hands.

  • We have an eye for that virality factor and are able to identify clips that will do well on platforms such as TikTok

  • Our deep understanding of TikTok and its algorithm enables us to increase your chances of going viral

  • Editing vertical short clips to keep even viewers with the shortest of attention spans engaged is our bread and butter

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Increase your online presence and grow your YouTube channel by going viral with short-form video


Shield yourself against suspension by being everywhere and always having a platform to fall back on


Build additional revenue sources with existing content and by monetising your new audiences


Save time by repurposing your content across multiple social media platforms


Connect with your audience by being present on all social media platforms


Diversify your online presence to multiple social media platforms

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About Ashville

Ashville is a construction, waste management, aggregates and concrete company based in West London, United Kingdom.They also have a YouTube channel with over 350'000 loyal subscribers where they post a weekly episode every Sunday documenting what they do daily in the business.In these 30-60 minute episodes Daniel, the founder and CEO, shares what happens at the yard and the progress on the different jobs as well as insights in managing his group of companies and problems he faces along the way.

The challenge

Running a construction business with a yearly turnover of £10 million, a fleet of over 30 lorries and aspirations to turn it into a national business isn't always smooth sailing. You're faced daily with new problems and challenges.Growing a YouTube audience and posting weekly videos of high production quality alongside that makes the task even more challenging.Despite having a very dedicated and competent video editing team by his side, integrating his business and what he has to do with filming the YouTube videos without a production crew isn’t easy. Due to the lack of extra time and additional content ideas taking on TikTok was neglected.Here's where we came in.

Our approach

After going through a few of their weekly episodes we knew that their YouTube content had potential to perform well on other platforms. This meant we could provide them with a whole flow of content to grow on TikTok without them having to spend time and creative energy shooting additional content.Each new episode every Sunday provided us with 30-60 minutes of fresh content to pull out the best clips. Every Sunday we went through the weekly video analzing and identifying the best clips. We then edited them and optimized them to create ideal vertical short clips. And then we posted them to TikTok twice a day.People seeing Ashville content for the first time were very intrigued and many comments asked where they could see more. Thanks to a link in the profile bio to the full-length weekly video people on TikTok could directly jump over to YouTube to watch the whole video and discover the Ashville YouTube channel.


In just 50 days we grew the Ashville TikTok account from 0 to 70'000 followers solely through traffic from TikTok (the TikTok account was not mentioned in their YouTube videos). During this time we organically amassed over 25 million views, 1.2 million likes and over 500'000 profile visits. Some profile visits then translated into people clicking the link in bio to watch the full-length videos on YouTube.Going from an average of 1 million views per month on YouTube to 25 million views in 50 days on TikTok was a massive 15x increase! 3 TikTok posts reached more than 1 million views each in the first 24 hours after being posted and have continued gaining views since - truly showing the power of TikTok and how you can expand your reach overnight.Repurposing their existing long-form content into vertical short clips has enabled Ashville to quickly get on their feet on a new platform and reach a whole new audience without spending time and creative energy shooting additional content. With this strong base now in place Ashville will continue growing their TikTok page through their in-house media team. (Edit: The Ashville TikTok page is now at 240k followers).

Want us to do the same for you?

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See how we can help you fulfill your short-form content needs and dominate all social media platforms on top of YouTube by repurposing your long-form videos into vertical short clips.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Overview of your current approach

  • Understanding your biggest challenges, roadblocks, and goals

  • Developing a short-form video growth strategy optimised for your content, audience and needs

  • Any concerns or questions you may have

Don't just take our word for it.

As a content creator with a business, being active on the top social media platforms is important to us. However posting regularly on all platforms and staying on top of things can be challenging.We had planned on starting a TikTok account for Ashville but just never got round to even engaging with the platform. That was until Vyral Traffic got involved.They helped us reach over 70k followers and 1.2 million likes in just 50 days! If you are building an audience on YouTube or creating long-form content, working with Vyral Traffic will help you get started on TikTok and grow your TikTok account.

Daniel Louisy, Ashville